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Christian Homeschool Sports Ministries (CHSM) was founded to serve and support homeschool families desiring to participate in competitive sports. Our purpose is to provide a safe Christian environment for families to be a part of and help develop athletes who will lead out in their future families, churches, communities, careers, and educational and athletic programs.

Our leadership team and coaches are committed to helping our young people grow spiritually, socially, physically, and mentally.  We encourage you to contact us to learn more about the sport(s) you are interested in

Christian Homeschool Sports Ministries is a 501 (C) 3 organization. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to CHSM please email

Our Programs

Our Programs


Our basketball program started in the fall of 2012 with one varsity team. We have since grown into a successful program with teams winning District, State, Regional, and National Championships. We focus on building excellent athletes, successful teams, and Christian character. You can call 832-646-3837 or email us at for more information.


CHSM Volleyball is committed to providing top-tier athletics focused on character development, competition, and personal growth. Our mission is to empower students to maximize their athletic abilities while fostering respect, integrity, and teamwork. Beyond the court, we believe sports impart invaluable life lessons. Led by our dedicated team, we instill confidence, discipline, and determination in our athletes to excel in both sports and life endeavors.


The CHSM swim program was started in the fall of 2019 and it has seen incredible success. They have participated in numerous meets in Houston, Austin and Dallas with some major wins along the way! Our swim team epitomizes the essence of what we expect from CHSM student athletes - commitment, hard work, and leadership within the community. Be sure to call Doreen Lorenz - 254.723.6193 or email us at for more information.

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Secretary / Director of Swimming

Doreen Lorenz


Director of Basketball

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Director of Volleyball

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